Thursday, May 19, 2016

her most prized crayons

held tight and close,
the gift of colour and line.
a new world is here,
and she will keep it.

tea for two

asks excitedly, arms and whole
body involved;
agrees with showy enthusiasm,
for her.

pours carefully;
waits patiently, looking only slightly
bored at this part.

mock slurp and sip, with loud
tea-drinking sound effects:
it is both pretty good, and
and not too hot and not too cold.
just right.

they have the nicest time.
every day.

freckles and light

bespeckled like the night sky,
the kind of light that shines
brightest when it is dark.

ducky tail

little tuft
of fluff
silky smooth
like nothing.
a microcurl
bracketting the
monk's ring,
the curlycue
pointing towards
her glorious
fatty back,
before dipping
into the top roll.
barely balanced
on the tip of
my finger,
it slips away,
sprung and frayed,
before my kiss
could reach that
soft divet.

cat spotted, safe away,
sleeping, resting, softly still,
but now her baby plans were laid:
   get the cat, get the cat;
screeching squeals, arms flap,
   get the cat,
wild excitement
breaks his nap,
   get the cat,
   get the cat.
whiskers flick, fat fingers itch,
legs kick, ears twitch,
   get the cat;
baby laughs, coo and bubble,
cat shifts, sure of trouble,
   get the cat.
toes dig, forward inch,
arms stretch, fingers pinch,
   get the cat, get the cat,
push, pull, drag along,
  get the cat, get the cat.
cat motor mumbles raspy song,
   get the cat, get the cat,
finger tips grasp at hair,
   get the cat, get the cat!
nearly there! nearly there!
happy hand slap,
almost miss,
cat is good and does not hiss!
fingers rake, pull fur,
  got the cat, got the cat,
smile and babble,
blink and purr.