Sunday, May 01, 2016

citron, pink, and grey fabric pull

This mustardy-citron colour has been a fave of mine for quite a while. This stack of yellowy-green fabrics shown below is my entire collection of this particular hue... which is not a lot considering the number of quilts I have in mind that NEED these fabrics. I've actually cut into several of these pieces since photographing this fabric pull, and am down to sad little strips and scraps of several of these! 

I like the addition of soft pink and light grey.. it really takes the mustard/citron in a different direction. Much different feel than my citron nine-patch dash quilt top, even though the yellow fabrics are identical to those shown here. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

gender neutral baby quilt: triangles

I bought an equilateral triangle ruler many years ago... and decided to tackle an assortment of fabrics in gender-neutral yellows, greens, blues, and browns to make a baby quilt. I admit, I didn't think these fabrics or colourway would be my first choice for a quilt but I'm a bit in love with this layout. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

low volume bear paw -- possible quilt block

I've mentioned before that I unexpectedly fell in love with bear paw quilts, and even have a Pinterest board to collect inspiring quilts on, as well as having a few of my own bear paw quilts in various stages of planning. 

This block is a tester, using some pieces I cut for another quilt. I know some of the fabrics are turned around so the wrong side is facing out, but that's intentional -- I love the pale, low volume look this creates!! I'm seriously considering working up an entire quilt of low volume bear paws, and using the wrong side of the fabrics, too. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

bright/low volumes, and possible bear paw

This is not a set of fabric I would have ever intentionally pulled from my cupboard, but circumstance and chance lead to this assemblage, and I'm incredibly fond of it. So fond, in fact, that I've kept these pieces stacked together and have refused to break them up or pull any pieces for another project. It's that random feel, plus that unlikely olive on top, that really gets me.

I'm considering using these for a bear paw quilt like this, or possibly like this

I thought I didn't like bear paw quilts but have discovered that I rather do! I even have an entire Pinterest board of inspiring bear paw quilts:

Friday, April 08, 2016

hexie block: one more for the commuter quilt

Here's another block sewn together for my EPP commuter quilt. You can see some of my progress posted on Instagram under #commuterquilt. This is mostly low volume diamonds with flowers as a pop of colour set in the centre. Right now I think it will finish as a large couch throw, maybe around twin sized, and will take approximately 60 blocks of the size shown below (that's about 1500 hexies).