Wednesday, July 01, 2015

always on

she was born with
a star in her
and luminescent,
pulsing with
the wild
energy of
something too bright;
barely contained,
it seeps,
timeless implosions
that are both
authentic and
the evidence was
it was always

I spy

I spy
in her eye,
twinkle of love
that gleams and
shines and spreads
as a bemused grin,
adoration displayed.

when I look down

when I look down,
I remember the tug,
pull, cling,
of fat baby fists curled
around my shirt tails,
eclipsed under
the soft curves of my body;
hope twinkling,
up, up, up,
on the cusp of breaking
every day,
so close,
so close,
almost ready,
everyone said.
because it was time
to let go
and all I wanted to do
was grab those perfect
round rolls,
and hold them forever,
cupped in my palm,
like the delicate
fleeting things
that they are,
slipping away
grains eroded
by the passing day.
when I look down,
I remember,
she's grown
and run away.

I know

sometimes the light's
too bright,
harsh, bleaching;
and the corners too dark,
where the sun
doesn't creep in.
in the darkest dark
my heart is reaching,
beating and pleading
that someday
you'll recall
the house where
we played on the floor,
forts were cast
and castles crashed,
lap-read books
were encored,
more! more!
chaotic dance
of play and wild,
drawing, dizzying,
loud; beguiled,
this all retold
in later
moments mild,
in the house
of two plus four
where love filled
wall to door
and cast shadows
on the floor.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Easy layering with scrapbook embellishment packaging!

A great way to get layering on your scrapbook pages is to re-use the paper and cardboard printed packaging that your embellishments come with! 

Way before I was a scrapbooker, I loved all things involving pretty paper. This meant that I'd save bits of packaging if it was pretty, and other little scraps of paper. As a child, I spent many hours "cutting and pasting"... trimming up bits of paper and gluing them to construction paper. So, it's really no surprise that once I started scrapbooking that I continued to save bits of paper! 

I've actually used packaging in a few different pages... like this layout of my cat Delilah has pink striped cardboard from a set of stickers, and this sweet baby page uses photo corners punched from some silver foil from a box of face wash.
I challenged myself to use as many packaging pieces as I could on this page. I started by going through my scrap paper bin and pulled out all of my saved packaging. Once I laid them all out, I decided to pull out similar colours -- for this page, I obviously chose cool colours plus a few neutrals. I trimmed off, flipped over, or otherwise hid any of the printing or company logos. 

Then I just started layering! An ancient scalloped border, a bow-punched scrap, a few tags, and some journalling cards were added in as space and colour necessitated. 

And I **finally** used these amazing aqua foil grungy, distressed letter stickers from Making Memories. These might be the most amazing letter stickers ever. And I only have one sheet. *sigh*

Do you use packaging on your pages? Link me up -- I'd love to see!

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