Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Washi tape Wednesday: some pretty collections

Do you love washi tape for scrapbooking? Or do you use washi tape in your personal planner?
I happen to do both. I always have several rolls just.. well, rolling around! And I use it on everything! Handy stuff.

Here are three lovely sets of washi tape that went out this week from the Things That Shine store! I love how each set is so well co-ordinated, and reflects such personal style!

Buying washi tape by the foot is a great way to build your washi stash.
How cute would these tape tags be tucked into your planner, ready to go?
 Washi tapes shown here (left to right, top to bottom):
red, pink, and brown diagonal stripe washi
teal and pink/red diagonal striped washi
pink and lilac purple diagonal stripe washi tape
vintage ladies' journal ads washi tape

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Colour inspiration for your next layout

 How do you pick colours for your scrapbook layouts? Do you flip through your products until something pops out?

I almost always pick out colours based on the pictures I'm using, and what kind of mood/feel I want to convey, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut! When colouring with my little daughters, I've been appreciating the wonderful hues of these super cute crayons. I love seeing the different combinations that three or four or five crayons can make!

I think the next time I need to change up my stuck-in-a-rut colours, I'm going to grab a handful of crayons and see what combinations I can come up with!

Where is your most favourite place to find new colour combos?
Do you ever find inspiration at home?

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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

How to use digital cut files on your scrapbook layout 3 different ways

Today: three ways to use your Clover and Luck digital cut file set, from my give-away on InterNational Scrapbooking Day. If you missed out, don't worry -- you can sign up now and there will be new free digital cut files going out soon. :) 

Create a bold die cut title with layering.
Cut a phrase out of plain cardstock, and use the leftover solid portion for a stencil-like effect. I used the Lucky me handwritten phrase and saved the cut out words for another project. I layered some old book pages under the stencil. I kept everything around the title tone-on-tone, so it wouldn't compete with the photo and layering above.

Use die cut leaves to make a fun border.
Layer die cut leaves under the photo. I used the clover cluster from my Clover and Luck cut file set and cut out two pieces (after removing the inner portion of each clover to create solid, filled-in leaf shapes). By layering the two shorter pieces under the photo, it creates a continuous line to support the photo.. and gives the illusion the leaf border is actually one piece.

Use a background cut file as a stencil with modelling paste.
Create a mixed media layout background using a background cut file and modelling paste to created a textured pattern. On this page I used my Clover Confetti background digital cut file, and cut it out on a 12x12 piece of plain cardstock -- this is the stencil. Lay the stencil over white cardstock (I like American Crafts white textured cardstock). Use something firm but flexible to spread modelling paste over the stencil. Work carefully and from several directions to ensure the modelling paste fills in all of the stencil detail. I use a scrap of cardboard (a cereal box works well) or an old gift card to spread the modelling paste. Carefully remove the stencil while the modelling paste is still wet by slowly peeling it back from one corner and lifting away. 

Here's a close up of the layering under the photo. Combine several different types of layerables to create a rich stack under your focal photo to really draw attention! Here I used gold tissue paper, floral patterned paper, a chipboard frame, and a fabric frame. I embellished the bottom of the photo with a Things That Shine gold glitter bow and a silver foil tag.

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Monday, May 04, 2015

5 Easy Ideas to Make Your Next Layout Awesome

Here are five ideas you can use on your next scrapbook layout to really create a bright fresh page with lots of layering. Learn how to use page digital cut file with patterned paper for layering, and grab a few tips on finding the perfect embellishments for your page.
5 easy layout ideas by Ashley Calder

But first, the story!
I found this picture of Evie Grey and Paul in our front yard. It was summer, she was learning to walk -- you probably figured that out, too. I loved this picture the second I saw it because... I completely didn't remember the moment, or taking it, or anything else about this day. But, this picture was still full of meaning. I built my whole page around that theme: that it was bright and beautiful and she looked like she was ready to run into the world, crashing and thundering the whole way.

1. Build up a background
Use a full page background digital cut file like my confetti hearts background, and layer underneath it. Mix up patterns, or go with a single patterned paper. Try out different colour combos and patterns until you find one that catches your eye!

If you look closely you can see that on this page I used one full 12x12 piece of patterned paper (the back script on white) plus two 8.5x11 floral papers, slightly overlapped and staggered. Even though the patterns and hearts are busy, they all work well together to create a cohesive background. Don't be afraid to try different combinations -- this is a great scrap-buster technique, too! 
TIP: When trying papers to create your own layered die cut background, look for papers that are similar in value to each other, and also to the cut background; here my papers are all pale, and my cardstock is white.

2. Add simple layers that stand out.
Layering on your scrapbook layout can add interest, texture, and add emphasis to focal points, like your photos. And it doesn't have to be complicated or difficult! An easy way to layer under your photo is to start with scraps on your desk, but also consider using journalling cards, frames, old book pages, and tags, too. 
Here I combined different edges to add even more interest to my page: I mixed softly rounded edges of a tag, pointed brackets of a floral frame, and a regular 3x4 rectangular journalling card.

TIP: Use a pop of colour just barely visible under your photo to really make it stand out!
Use translucent vellums or washi tape or both, to create a soft landing place for your photo on your page. I added strips of extra wide washi tape to plain vellum to soften the busy background behind my main photo cluster. 

3. Mix it up: old + new + handmade = you
Use your old stash and new favourites and add in a handmade touch to make your page uniquely YOU! 

Would you be able to pick out the 4 or so different products that are from pre-2010 on this page? (Hint: the script patterned paper in the background, the assorted heart brads, the scalloped green tag to the right of the photo, and the cream tag hanging from the green clover with the glitter bow are all from 10 years ago!). By mixing your new products with old products you still love, you can stretch your stash and make your page reflect your own personal style.

4. Find the unexpected.
Use challenges and creative prompts to add unexpected and delightful finishing touches to your layout. This is a great creative exercise to make you think outside of your box. 

I used some of the Calvinball creative prompts to find fun things to add to this page: vintage lace that has sat untouched in my stash for years; a map journalling card that I would never have thought to add to the page on my own; and a die cut clover that I painted with emerald watercolour and added a vintage button and gold glitter to. 

TIP: Collect scrapbook layout ideas on a Pinterest board or notebook. Challenge yourself to incorporate as many ideas as possible onto your next layout!

5. First thought journalling
Do you get stuck for journalling ideas for your scrapbook layouts? What would happen if you gave up the struggle and just wrote the first thing that came to mind?
That's exactly what I did with this page. It sat for days -- maybe weeks -- as I waited to figure out the journalling. Then one night I realized all I wanted to say about this photo was exactly what I thought when I first saw it: that it was bright and beautiful and she looked like she was ready to run into the world, crashing and thundering the whole way. Wouldn't it have been easier if I had just gone with my first thought to start with?
Tip: If you are unsure of your handwriting, lightly pencil your journalling first, then go over it with a fine point pen or marker. (Although I do use this technique of pre-pencilling journalling, I still managed to write it slightly crooked! Oh well!).

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Saturday, May 02, 2015

Free background cut file! Heart eyelet paper

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