Tuesday, March 08, 2005

don't fear the phone

for it is your friend.
Especially when Fred (THE Fred) is on the other end, requesting a layout. :) I am happy and excited, and I even managed to remain calm on the phone. Apparently "the editors" have asked that I change my black and white photos for colour ones. I agreed to it, I don't really mind -- selling art is selling art, right? But it does irk me a bit, just because I happen to like black and white photos, it wasn't a b/w digital conversion on a whim. I put black and white film in my camera because I like black and white photos, not because I don't want colours to clash on my layout. But anyway, the photos will be changed although I am not sure how. I can probably find some colour shots of SL to replace the black and white photos, even though the pose and subject won't be the same, I think it will still work with the layout. I guess I will ask, when I get the email with the mailing address and other important information.

I had such a wonderful birthday night with Paul last night! We watched some TV together, talked, laughed, listened to the new wonderful Ani CD he gave me on Sunday (Knuckle Down). We had snacks. And then he surprised me with even more gifts! He is extremely thoughtful and over-generous :) Another four sheets of the most beautiful handmade paper I've even seen -- green "Tibetan cloud", pink sparkly cotton candy, embossed pink and white flowers, and pink/grey striped. And a self-healing cutting board, and more incense. Oh wait, and book board/ illustrator's board so I can make some mini-book covers.

Today I am still trying to finish that darned Bird Bath layout, it is troublesome. But just because I don't have a clue about design and what I'm doing, so that makes planning a Good Layout a bit difficult. But I am keeping at it because I like the title I have been working on, and the photos are really cute and I wanted to scrap them as soon as Paul showed them to me last summer.


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