Tuesday, March 15, 2005

she's got craftin' in her blood

It seems that Summer Lily likes to get her day off to a start by doing a little crafting at the kitchen table, first thing in the morning. Usually starting before breakfast, taking a short break to eat and then continuing right on until lunch. Right now her favourite mediums to work in are the toilet paper rolls and the pom-poms -- which she pronounces as PAHm-PAHms. She draws wonderful, delicate, intricate, careful little scenes, and then describes them using phrases like "this is Mufasa knocking off a few hyenas." (and the hyenas are coloured in with only one specific pencil crayon, which she has named hyena brown. It's just the colour for hyenas. And nothing else.) Our feezer is piled about 8 inches high with these lovely little works of art.

Today she made me a beautiful "scrapbook page" on some grey patterned paper. She drew a nice picture of us, I think it is the two of us, and added some "decorations" (doodley-scribbles) and glued some PAHm-PAHms to the corner. I have it out on my scrapbooking table right now.

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