Friday, April 29, 2005


It's Friday. I love Fridays, because it means that Paul and I wil have a nice night and then he'll be home all weekend long. And if the weather is happy he'll take the girls to the park for the afternoon, probably on Sunday and I'll have the house to myself. I will drink lots of tasty coffee, blast Ani Difranco (old and new or something in between) and scrap. Just a few hours to myself. Always so heavenly. And it's been two weekends in a row now it's been rainy and Paul hasn't taken the girls out... I am really needing a wee little break.

I decided last night that today I would scrap for myself, just have fun, do a page. It's been a long time since I've actually scrapped a page. I've started a few but they went to crap and landed in The Pile. That pretty much means they're never coming back. Unless I trash the whole thing -- and sob! I used my brand new Anna Griffin paper -- which is very unlikely. But I will scrap something, I will have fun.. I am looking forward to it. :)

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight. Maybe a stir fry with those new chicken-tofu thingies Paul bought.. or maybe pancakes.

3rd Watch and L&O to watch with Paul, maybe we'll sit out on the porch for a bit (with some warm clothes, it's cold again). I think we both want to play Rook, Paul will win by a landslide, like he always does, but I still enjoy playing. :)


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