Tuesday, April 19, 2005

love that baby voice

That Snuggy Butt has the cutest little baby voice, I love listening to her chatter all day long. The excited "dat! dat! dat!" that come out punctuated and intense; her howler monkey, tubey-shaped lips, OOOOoooOOOOO!. The sweet intonation of "hiiiiiiiiIIIIII", and the loving little "daDA" that she chants repeatedly. And then, "hi bird!" and "Mu" for Meaghen and "Cabd" for Carol. Of course, there's also "mumma, mumma, mumma". She also roars like a lion, growly and low, when you ask her what a lion says, and goes "Ttt Ttt" for tweet-tweet birdie noises. Oh! and "Chee-o" for Cheerios and "ch-ch" for cheese. She is a chatty one! although that should be of no surprise, there is a chatty gene running wild in this fama-lia.

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