Tuesday, April 19, 2005


was a beautiful spring day, nearly hot. And the whole backyard smelled like hyacinths, I love it in the evening when a little of that heavenly scent comes wafting in from the garden.

That Snuggy Bug is one adventuresome girl! She is a dare-devil. Today she was climbing up the slide from the bottom.. sliding back down.. climbing up, even standing on the very bottom of the slide! I was right there, she was safe, and so totally intent on what she was doing. Occasionally she'd catch my eye and see that I was watching her and she'd do that adorable, bashful, giggle-smile, pushing her chin down into her chest. It was all fun and games until Summer Lily decided she wanted a turn on the slide and slid down... knocking Snarfy right off. They were both OK.. fortunately....

Tonight at dinner Summer Lily had this big story to tell me, all about how the world started. She was pretty sure that a long time ago the world was full of rocks and big open places and then there was one man who had lots of babies and then they grew up and planted trees and built houses and buildings to make the world today.

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