Wednesday, April 27, 2005


It's Wednesday, the middle of the week. I don't particularly care for Wednesdays one way or another, other than liking the symmetry.

Today Summer Lily had art class; she asked me about a kabillion times last night "are you going to pick me up from art school tomorrow? and I assured her I would and I did. She is absolutely adorable. We took home the torn tissue paper flower picture she made last week.

And she had daffodils! Two lovely daffodils, wrapped up in plastic and paper towel to keep them fresh. Another little girl in her class, Olivia, gave them to her, since Olivia knows how much Summer Lily likes flowers. Isn't that sweet?! I am loving these flowers and what they mean more than when I get flowers.

I am so happy a little girl gave Summer Lily flowers.

Summer Lily drew a picture of her and Olivia and the flowers, as soon as we came home from art class. She did this on the computer, she wanted me to "set up the painting area" which turned out to mean she wanted to use Paintbrush. :)

And, I'm so proud :D I finally put Addie Blue's old clothes away! I haven't put anything that she has outgrown away yet and the pile (more like a heap.. no, it was a mountain!) of clothing was becoming unbearable. Actually, it became unbearable several weeks ago when I got some bigger/warm weather clothes from the basement, washed them, and then didn't have anywhere to put them so they have been sitting in our only laundry basket ever since. Paul has been taking the laundry downstairs by the armful. So. It's done. For now.

I love having children, I love my children.
But there is one thing I really don't like, I'm not good at it, I have no desire to be spending my time packing away old clothes, getting out old clothes, sorting through them all. Love, love seeing those cute little outfits that they looked so cute in and had looked so big once not-so long ago. But really, it's organization and I'm not good at it.


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