Friday, May 27, 2005

influx of flowers

Meet my garden :)

White bleeding heart and aunt Maggie's forget-me-nots.

A miniature white daisy from Aunt Maggie.

Double white lilac from my grandma's garden. There is a "red" lilac that is planted with the white one, but it didn't bloom this year for some reason.

Another new iris this year! Neat yellow brown colour, nothing else like it in the garden.

Paul tells me this is our geum. I think it's name is Mrs. Bradshaw.

Pretty little white star flower. Have lots of it, from my grandma's house. Paul mows quite a bit of it down each year, just minutes after I point to it and say:
this is a flower, don't mow it.

Another new iris, from the RBG compost pile. Is much more of a raspberry shade in person. Mom loves this one, will split some off for her later.

Yet another new iris from the compost pile. And purple -- imagine! But it is ALL purple, we don't have one of these. A nice rich shade.

Love these cute little johnny jump-up violets from Aunt Maggie. They have a lot of character.

Think this is the last of the new irises.. for now, more next week probably. Such a delicate yellow colour! Love this one, as with the rest.

Yellow tulips from my grandma. I don't particularly care for tulips, they are nice enough. I'd rather have lots of daffodils.

Pink forget-me-nots from Maggie. Have a few little bits of these cute flowers; love, love these. So quaint.

These look pale in the photo, but are really nice light pink miniature daisies. Again, from Maggie. Planted these ones in my little pink garden.

Paul and the girls gave me this wonderful little mounding ground phlox for Mother's Day last year. It has grown so much! Love these fun, cheery little striped flowers. Really cheers up my little pink garden.

Love bleeding hearts. Remember them from my grandma's garden when I was little, always so fascinated by those wonderful hanging blooms. This one, I confess, came from the neighbour's garden when they moved out. It's just a rental, and I know our landlord wouldn't care at all.

Ok. THIS is the last new iris, for now. Very blue, very pretty. Love the amazing variety of irises out there. Irises have got to be one of my favourite flowers -- not that it's already obvious or anything!

I don't have any clue how to spell narcisus.
This little narcisus came from my grandma's house. It has been in our garden for two years now, just bloomed for the first time last week or so. Love it, need more of these guys.


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Anonymous said...

i love the pictures you have, so colourful ^_^ i would love to see some mixture of flowers but all and all i really enjoyed looking through them