Monday, May 16, 2005

the party

(my mum made this great cake!)
Sunday was Addison Blue's first birthday party, and what a wonderful day it turned out to be.

The morning started out sunny and cool, and life was hectic as we scrambled to finish up all of the last minute things that had to be done. The weather held for the day though, everyone dressed warmly, and I think we all had a nice time. I know I had a wonderful day.

I simply love my birthday parties for my girls. So much work, so much stress, but I am so happy watching them, celebrated.

Mum came over with new dresses for the girls and they both looked absolutely beautiful. A knee-length crisp blue cotton with pink roses dress for Addie Blue, she wore white stockings, her little white walking shoes, and a pink cardigan Paul and I bought for her. Simply precious.

Summer Lily wore a peach and sage ankle length dress and a white cardigan. Her white kneesocks spent most of the day around her ankles, what could be more perfect? Summer Lily is perfectly beautiful. Absolutely, perfectly beautiful.

Joan cancelled at the last minute, Kevin didn't come, John and Janis showed up with coffees for only themselves and a cookie for John, Megan and Lauren didn't upset me *too* much, Bob and Mauren arrived late, late late. But it all really did work out OK.

Summer Lily was a wonderful big sister and a big help during the party. There was one hilariously miserable outburst after I asked her to stop digging in the dirt with her pretty party dress on, and she started sobbing, yelling "but I was just trying to have some fun!"

We gave her Paul's digital camera to take some photos with. She got plenty of shots of the flowers in the garden; a close-up of her bright green ball; a bunch of balloons; a self-portrait; and a few snaps of the guests, mostly with the heads cut off. They are cute photos, though, and we will have some of them printed so she can put them in her scrapbook. She does love "making scrapbooks with mama" (and I love it, too). She helped me carry in the cake.

Addie Blue was very excited to see her cake (doesn't look it in this photo, though). Summer Lily and I blew out her candle. When it came time to eat her cake, Addie Blue was delicate, yet passionate. There was nothing coming between her and that piece of cake. After she finished it, she kept looking in her bowl and then holding it out to everyone, wanting more, saying "ma! mumma!" like she always does when she wants something to eat.

We had fun opening gifts together. Addie Blue is great at ripping paper :) and she especially loved the card from John and Janis. It had a photo of a cat on it, she kept kissing it and holding it to her cheek for a cuddle. She received lots of very cute clothes (mostly dresses with matching hats); a new "baby" she seems to love enough; some Weebles, and that was pretty much it for what she was impressed by. My parents gave her a beautiful antique tea set, it is simply wonderful. It is already packed away, but I'm looking forward to a few years from now when we'll be able to play with it together. Paul and I gave her a wagon.. and it's pretty much The Wagon. Super long handle so Paul can pull it without having to bend over; fold-down seats; cupholders; seat belts (and this part was very important for my dare-devil baby!); and the good tires. Both her and Summer Lily climbed in it right away and Addison Blue looked especially thrilled. Grumpy took the girls for a wagon ride around the block right away. I took the girls out in it this afternoon.. they laughed and giggled the entire 45 minute walk around the block.

Summer Lily, weeks ago, decided she wanted to give Addie Blue a toothbrush and baby toothpaste for her birthday. Addie Blue loves brushing her teeth, so it was a great choice on Summer Lily's part. We couldn't take the toothbrush away from Addie Blue after she opened it.. she even took it on the wagon ride with Grumpy. It came home a wee bit dirty because she discovered she could poke it through the hole on the floor of the wagon and touch the ground below. We have since washed it thoroughly.

It was a good party. I can't believe my little Snarfy is a year old already. But, more on that later!



Julie said...

totally sweet pictures! I love ABs cake! Both girls looked just darling!

Happy belated birthday Addison Blue!

Lowly Scribe said...

Julie's right...that cake IS fantastic. Did you make it yourself?

I loved my daughters' first few birthday parties. I've videotaped every single one of them and last Christmas made a compilation cd for the family to share. It's amazing how quickly they change.

Thanks for the great post.