Monday, May 02, 2005

unfortunate bump

I've had the idea for this layout running around in my head since last fall. Finally did it this weekend. The title was inspired from Dr. Suess' Oh, the Places You'll Go.

I don't normally believe in photographing my girls when they are down.. hurt, scared, crying, in trouble, etc, but I couldn't resist this photo last summer. Certainly not the first time Summer Lily had ever tripped and scraped up a knee, but that day she just looked like such a little girl, sitting there with a Sesame Street bandaid on her knee. She is so incredibly beautiful. Look at that perfect skin! and that darling, gorgeous little face. And that bright yellow bandaid that she just adored, on that round little knee.


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Julie said...

so funny you should say that about not taking pictures, because I never can seem to make myself do it either. For Arielle's first dentist visit, and then 2nd for her cavity fillings, I didn't even take the camera. It seemed more important to be there for her emotionally. And Chandler had her first peanut reaction last fall, and she looked HORRID and I remember saying "I ought to take a picture so people can know what we are dealing with, but it just seems cruel" Glad I'm not alone. There are just some moments that I can't photograph.