Thursday, June 16, 2005

the appletree

I dialed with trepidation,
out of obligation
and necessity

because he needed me
(I hope)
and I really do love him.

Not knowing what would be at the other end.
he sounded insane, fitting, really,
and we both fought back tears.

He took great effort to tell me
he signed himself in.
He signed himself in.

We chatted for an hour and a half. We've never had so much to say.
I guess I didn't say a whole lot.
It was work to squeeze a word in,
even turing it edgewise.

He sounded so

when he realized it was me calling.

We'll be OK,
we'll be OK.
You and me, we'll be OK.



Anonymous said...

you have a gift Ashley!

love the way you write..

Ally said...

Ok - first! Your poetry is sooo moving! And honestly? I'm not much for poetry - but yours is mesmerizing! You weave a story in your words and I find I must read them over and over again.

Second! HOLY COW girl! *I'M* linked in your sidebar! *sheepishly grinning* Totally, totally honored!