Thursday, June 30, 2005

sucky Max

This is Max. He's a sucky boy. Inside, outside, daytime, night time, this is how he sleeps. On his back showing his fuzzy tummy, front paws curled up, with that stupid blissful look on his face.
He might be a sucky cat, but he's actually a pretty good cat. He loves us, for real. He keeps me company when I take a bath, he sits on the edge of the tub. He checks in on the girls each night after they are asleep, goes into each of their rooms and gives them a little sniff, sits down beside them and purrs loudly and looks proud. And then walks all over their little sleeping bodies on his way out. He follows us room to room. He smiles. He likes to watch CSI. He eats all forms of fruits and vegetables (we think he wants to be vegan). He has extra toes (you can see them in the photo) and freckles on his nose.

And sometimes, just sometimes, he can be a Regal Beast.



Ally said...

Holy Cow! I thought *I* had the only vegetarian cat! LOL Our Jack will prefer to run and eat the lettuce off of our plates over the chicken, fish OR burgers ANY day! And you should see him when we are scooping cantaloupe! I can't keep him away from the seeds! I think I'll go post a photo...

Amber said...

I think cats are beautiful, but I don't dig their attitudes. LOL I've had about 10 cats in my lifetime. I think I am gonna get a dog instead. They don't make me feel worthless like cats do.
A Veggie cat? That is great.

kristina contes said...

Extra toes???? How cute!!
Max seems like a real go-getter. lol

Angela said...

Where's Ash and Sucky Max?