Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer Lily and the January Bouquet

One unexpectly warm, spring-like day this January the girls and I went outside to play. And we noticed how nice the old flowers, dried weeds, seed heads and seed pods from the summer's flowers looked, so together we cut a bouquet, the entire time Summer Lily running behind me asking "is it a bouquet, mama? is it a bouquet?".

The journalling on the layout reads:
(on the right page, around the photo) "unrivalled flower.. precious, rare, and sweet... Summer Lily)
( on the left page, above and below the photo) "on on unexpected spring day, summer did stay...")

This layout consumed me. Consumed me, and spit me back out.
Now I'm on my fifth layout of the night, doing a gift album for Paul's parents, of their 30th wedding anniversary party. At which, I was the (sole) photographer and all my shots turned out like shit. There's nothing I love more than scrapping 11 3/4 by 11 3/4 for someone else, trying to make something the entire family (including both aunts who donated funds to the creative cause), while working with crappy photos and no desire.


Amber said...

holy crap girl!!!!!!!! this is gorgeous!!!!!

Ally said...

That layout is gorgeous! I mean really gorgeous! Not sure what I like about it, it just spoke to me. And that's odd, because usually I can pinpoint something specific, but in this case it was just a love of the visual art my eye was looking at!

kristina contes said...

That lo is so interesting...i feel like I can look st it for hourse...constantly finding new things to love...very cool, chicky!!!