Tuesday, July 19, 2005

bathroom bug

Mama, I found this little bug in the bathroom.
So I picked it up, and I talked to it.
And I held it.
Then I put it in my cup on the sink, and I told it,
I would be back.
And I would talk to it some more.
It was a nice little bug.
It was the kind of bug with wings,
that flies sometimes.
When I picked it up I blew on it,
so it would feel like it was outside.

I love that bug.
It was a nice bug.

(Summer Lily, almost four)
(edited to add: yes, she really did say all of that. all of it, I started writing it out as she was telling me. Then she repeated it another four times as she spun around in circles in the living room)


Jen said...

So I'm doing some major lurking tonight, found your stuff on 2Peas and on the Effer post, lol.
Did your daughter really say all that?? You're gonna have a handful someday, lol....she is way too smart already!!

Jen said...

This may be rude but, how old are you?? Your picture makes you look about 16, but your posts make me think other wise.

Jennifer Stewart said...

This is precious! :)


staceykingman said...

your girl is so smart and sweet
I am so glad you shared that :)