Sunday, July 10, 2005

(bobby) love

Reasons I love Paul:

1. He puts on music for me before he goes out. Just because he knows I'll mean to, but totally forget, or not be able to decide which CD and end up not choosing anything at all. So he picks something and it's always perfect. He's out getting milk right now, and left me listening to "Little Plastic Castle" by Ms. Ani D.
2. He makes me coffee in the morning before he goes to work. Makes a fresh pot, pours a cup, and leaves it beside the computer. Sometimes he stirs hot chocolate powder into it, sometimes he adds just the right amount of milk.
3. He takes the girls out to the park on his day off, so I can have a quiet day at home.
4. He volunteers to change stinky poo diapers.
5. He loves me for who I am (even though sometimes he shouldn't).
6. He is amazing with my family. Loves us all, and loves being with us. He IS our family.
7. He lets me call him Bobby. . His name is Paul.
8. I'll leave this one just kinda blank like this.
9. He makes me want to be a better person.



Ally said...

What a wonderful list of gratitude! He is lucky too!

Jude said...

so fucking sweet Ashley...
you better do a layout...
love your words.
but you already knew that.

Meghan said...

This is list is beautiful. My favorite part is number 2...That coffee thing is so sweet.

Amber said...

freakin adorable. i love reading reasons why people love their other 1/2's. always a little different...so cute.