Thursday, July 28, 2005

a terrible, horrible, awful

Slick the Guinea Pig escaped from his cage last night and is now missing in the wilds of Dundas. Paul and I went to bed last night and forgot to take him in -- the other two piggies were already in for the night but Slick was out because he had been fighting with Steve French -- and this morning he was missing. His cage wasn't disrupted, but he is totally gone. We searched every last little corner and spot that would be a comfy, cozy place for a little lost piggie. Paul looked in the surrounding yards and areas, down the street, under cars, everywhere. No sign of the little guy.

We told Summer Lily and she wailed and cried and sobbed, and now is enjoying telling stories about Slick out on the loose, having a great guinea adventure. She has apparently decided the gargoyles from the Disney movie Hunchback lept out of our TV in the middle of the night and absconded with Slick for a wild and crazy time out in other people's gardens and the park.

I secretly hope she is right.

Paul called the SPCA, Summer Lily has drawn a missing guinea pig poster, and I will be making some flyers to put up around the neighbourhood and deliver door-to-door. Steve French and (aunt) Pearl are busy wheeking in the backyard, putting out the call that Slick is out and should come back home to a cozy Dr. Pepper box (his favourite) of timothy hay.

Come home, Slick! You're a bastard, but I think you're kinda cute, and we miss you.


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Jen said...

Kids imaginations are amazing, aren't they? Summer Lily sounds like she's pretty entertaining, lol.

Hope you find 'the little bastard!'