Wednesday, August 10, 2005

a happy memory

Effer Dare #1

Summer Lily drew this picture, a happy memory of her in the garden with our old cat Gus. He had passed away the day before, and we had been talking about all of the wonderful memories we had of him, how much he loved us, how much we loved him, and what a great cat he was. She had received a little memory and photograph book for her birthday the week before, and she wanted to make this memory of Gus her first entry. She spent the morning carefully drawing and colouring this picture, and then on the facing page she wrote:
I miss Gus.
I love Gus.
We sounded out the words together and she wrote the letters by herself. The letter s's are all crooked because she wanted to make sure they sat between the two lines and thought it was an easier fit this way.

I scanned the original drawing and printed it at actual size, cut apart the two lines of printing from the facing page and used lots of sanded Heidi Swapp tape to frame the whole thing in.

Thanks for the great inspiration piece, Ashley. :)



Jen said...

I am almost crying over here. That is so sweet. Love the layout too.

Anonymous said...

this is my very favorite layout of yours. there is so much heart here. i'm a sucker for kid artwork! I love your translation of this piece, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Hugs, how sweet that you helped her through her grief about Gus. this was probably a great thing for her.

Unknown said...

I love this, that drawing is too cute!! The big heart looks fabulous. i love the touch of pink you added to your blog :)