Saturday, September 10, 2005


I'm shuffling around piles of paper -- things to do, things to get, places we're going, things to do, things not to forget, things that need to be done -- lists of lists to remind me of... all the things I have to do. Lists for my mom: Addie Blue eats this, Summer Lily eats this, both girls eat these... Summer Lily's first day of school, directions to the school, an itinerary of our travels complete with contact information for each of our hostels, flight departure and arrival times and flight numbers. There are lists of things Paul and I are likely to forget, and lists of things we need to remember to double check on. We're getting there, though... I am packing the girls' things and probably start on some of our stuff tonight. Paul and I are only taking a backpack with us, so it will be a challenge to prioritize and travel light.

:) Ashley.

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