Friday, September 02, 2005

she gets it from her dad..

Summer Lily loves trees, really loves them. Today she wrote a poem:

Trees and more trees
by Summer Lily (age 4)

There are peach trees
and cherry treas
and lemon trees!
and also there are apple trees
and I love trees
and trees
and trees.
And there are cut-down trees and burned down trees,
but I love trees more than bushes,
even blueberry bushes,
I just love trees most of all.

There are many different things growing with fruits and vegetables,
but I just love trees more than any of them.



SuburbanMom said...

I love oak trees. And Charlie (my 4 year old) loves to climb trees. :)

Sandra said...

I love trees too and I often miss them as I live in a deforested suburb. But the trees that were planted to replace the original trees are growing. Trees grow quite quickly here on the West Coasst. Some of the few trees that were spared when this area was built are behind my backyard fence where I can see them from my kitchen. I'm suddenly very grateful for those trees.