Thursday, September 15, 2005


One o'clock to three o'clock... it's time for siesta in Zaragoza Spain. The stores all close down, (although most of them don't seem to open again until 4:30), and I'm not sure what everyone is doing, but I'm sitting on the floor eating Queso Blanco (cottage cheese, but all in one piece instead of curds) and cherry tomatoes. Seems like a good sort of siesta to me.

Paul is back at the conference and the hour I lasted there this morning was enough for me for today. Paul had his talk this morning, and he was absolutely wonderful although I am not the least bit surprised I am very proud of him. I think his collegues were impressed, and I know the Chairman who was overseeing the session complimented Paul highly on his work. His presentation was perfect -- interesting, great photos and well organized -- and he spoke well and presented some amazing ideas. I certainly do believe that he has a very bright future ahead of him in his field.

This evening when Paul gets back we're headed out for one last night in Zaragoza. I'm not sure exactly what we will do, as we have been here since... oh... hm.. I guess it was Tuesday morning we flew in... and I just don't know what's left to do. The shopping is disappointing, I haven't bought a thing yet despite being very diligent and searching one store after another each morning. This is a fairly big city, very urban, clean and busy. Great big wide sidewalks, one cafe and bar after another, palm trees and deciduous trees. We have walked across the entire city, from one end to the other... from the river to the university and everywhere between the two. Tomorrow we are headed for Barcelona, and suddenly our trip seems very close to being over. Just two nights in Barcelona and then a very long journey home -- I can't wait to see the Mediteranian, and then make our way back home to see my sweet girls.



Jen said...

So what I wanna know is....are there any scrap stores?? Glad you're having fun sweetums.

Anonymous said...

man, i am so jealous! The the scenery must be awesome! Are your feet sore? ;)

Anonymous said...

enjoy barcelona!! and have a happy, safe flight home! and yay to your hubby for blowing them away!