Friday, October 21, 2005


Addie Blue is determined to dress herself. Right now, tonight. She's been at it for about 20 minutes now and she had one leg in her pants but then took them off again when I told her she had to put her undershirt (onesie) on first.
I ask her if I can help.
She shakes her head no.
She puts her shirt on her head.
I ask if she needs help.
She shakes her head no, and pats her chest,
mey, mey, mey.
She snaps the snaps together, but they don't stick. She sticks her arm through the sleeve, backwards.
I ask if she needs help, and she tears away from me; pants in one hand, undershirt in the other, flapping her arms (and clothes) up and down, screeching and shaking her head no.

She's cute.
Tempermental, determined, and cute.



sweethc said...

this must be such a sight to see.

Missy said...

this totally made me smile :)

Ally said...

Gosh I love that age- truly my favorite age of all! My two are so far away from that age - I'm really almost ready to be a grandma of that age! OY! I just realized I might be considered OLD! ;)

Have fun with your sweet, independent minded (I imagine like her mommy ;) ) baby girl!

Anonymous said...

so fun! Wendy did (does) this too...Allan (older by 5 years) still would have me dress him. Such a difference between boys and girls. LOL

Jen said...

HOw fun. I can't wait to have babies. :)

Jude said...

surely ive told you that i adore your words huh?