Wednesday, November 02, 2005

midnight on the Mediterranean

we sat, that night,
under the stars,
and the moon,
and the moon was white
sparkles on the water
and on the sand,
our fingers laced
held in the warmth and comfort
of us,
and we,
we laughed face
up to the stars
and the midnight air,
cool on our skin,
was filled with laughter
and the white light of
the moon
that shone so bright,
love shine bright,
and I love
and I trust,
without you:
there would be no white on the water,
and I would not know the way,
and the moon
it would not shine
and midnight would not fall
beautiful and quiet
on the sea where
we sat, that night.


This was our first night in Barcelona, and we did not get to see the sea until well after sunset, when it was so dark. But the moon was full and so bright out over the sea. I had my camera with me, but only one shot left on the roll and I had left the rest of my film back in our room. I braced myself the best I could and took this photo with the light from the moon, with the aperture closed as far as it would go and a long exposure. When I scanned and reduced the photo to post here, all of the detail from the reflection of the moon was lost, and the texture of the sand...


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Beautiful!

Karen (Cupcake) Carter said...

Your words bring even more life to your photos. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!! Wonderful writing.

pakosta said...

gorgeous shot anyway. and well with your word descriptions who needs photos?!!!! LOL....you rock!!

Janelle said...

Lovely photo--I like the dreamlike quality of it. And your words totally paint the rest of the picture!

[ .: Hols :. ] said...

beautiful pic - just learned you're from dundas - hi from burlington!

Jude said...

you give me goosebumps.
your words are so damn powerful.
you teach me so much my sweet, wise friend.
i love the way that you see the world.