Thursday, December 01, 2005

a few

Things I need to remember:

- Summer Lily is starting to read. This to me, is amazing. It is an amazing process to watch. I love the joy on her face when she had read or sounded out a word all by herself, that prideful little smile. So precious. Yesterday she spelled "bird" all by herself, for the picture she was drawing. She can spell cat, Max, mama, dada, of course her name, and a few other short little words with no help, no hesitation -- she just *knows*. Our first books we have read together include "Hot Dog" and "the Foot Book"... of course she reads little words here and there in whatever book we might be reading, but these are the first two books she read through herself by sounding out all of the words.

- Fantastic day at school today!! She went the whole day without crying... and today was even a gym day *and* their first school assembly. She won an award from the principal for making the school a better place. She was so proud to tell us about her good day at school, and we decided today would be a good night to make the chocolate making kit that she received for her birthday. We put her award on the fridge. I am so proud.. hoping for more good days at school to follow.

- Addie Blue is one and a half years old. This to me, is surprising. She is still round and soft and smooshy and has a fuzzy little round head. There is so much life in her. It is almost overwhelming at times. She is just *on* all day long.. from the time she bounces out of bed in the morning to when she lays down and closes her eyes, surrounded by her three favourite "babies" (Baby Baby Mimi, Ernie, and Elmo). She chats All. Day. Long. And has so much to say. A couple of weeks ago I realized that she has been saying "I Love You". Of course it doesn't sound quite perfect yet -- but when you tell her that you love her she looks at you and says so very sweetly "da-amo amo". Which may seem like a stretch to "I Love You", but trust me. That's what it means. And she gives a thousand kisses a day. And she loves to snuggle with Max. And she dances like a mad windmill when the Dora song comes on. And she adores Summer Lily, most of all. She still insists she can dress herself... but she can't. She loves to read, and when we read we have to snuggle on the couch and get all tucked in. She's such a sweetie heart little girl.

- I am sure there were more things that needed to be remembered.
But I have forgotten them now.


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staceykingman said...

I am just So. Glad. I visited your blog tonight. :) What a sweet treat. Okay, I know that sounds a lot like "yummy," but it's not what I meant...