Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I wonder....

... if Summer Lily is having a good day at school today.

... how much Fool's Toffee I can eat in one day without getting sick.

... what Addie Blue dreams about.

... if Paul will like the Christmas gifts I chose for him.

... if Summer Lily will be awed by the magic of Christmas again this year.

... if Addie Blue will love Christmas the way I think she will.

... if I can go without sleeping from now until January 3rd.

... how on Earth I am going to get 11 pages done before tomorrow morning.

... where I will find some much needed inspiration for my assignments due January 2nd.

... how long it will take me to save enough money for a digital camera (I still can't believe I am even considering this)

... how I can help Summer Lily find peace in her heart.



Jude said...

i bet she is...i bet she is the most beautiful and the smartest in the class

probably alot..your tolerance is high now.

breastmilk, kitty-cats, snowmen, and a little brother

of course he will! you know him and adore him...i bet they are perfect

yes she will...the smell, the lights, the presents...true magic

yes she will love it too

no sweetheart you can't, it just isn't logical.

because you are Ashley EFFING Calder, Superhero, Mom, Scrapper Extrordianaire!

you will. i promise you will. you always do.

not long if you save your coffee and scrap money.

by being you. the mom you are. and loving her the way that you already do.

love you sweet girl.

pakosta said...

love your thoughts. they so remind me of the thoughts i write out at night in my kids journals written to them for them to read when they are older....you seem like such a great mom. and i can only imagine what awesome works of art you are creating as i type this!!!!!!!! i just absolutely adore your work!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley - email me! I may have something for you :)


Ally said...

Great questions! I'm sure you'll know the answers you *need* to know soon! And the answers you don't get, well, then it's just meant that you understand those yet ;)...

Merry Christmas Ashley - enjoy the wonder!

Anonymous said...

did you get the 11 pages done? I'm worried you've collapsed and not been revived. whhhoooooohooooo.....

Anonymous said...

hi ashley! so happy to have found your blog! i bet you found plenty of inspiration to get those pages done. ;-) Your work is always beautiful!