Sunday, December 11, 2005

Summer Lily

"I was born one hundred years ago. Boy, am I old!"
(she knows when her birthday is... she knows how old she really is. But lately she's pretty sure she's one hundred. I always thought she had an old spirit...)

"My favourite food is Kraft Dinner. My favourite kind of Kraft Dinner is... Gung's Original" (Summer Lily thinks my mom has a special recipe for Kraft Dinner, and she calls this Gung's Original)

(telling my mom about the orange-yellow tube shaped items in the picture SL drew on my mom's birthday card) "It's raining. It's raining Kraft Dinner; Gung's Original"

"So, I went over the jumper at the park [note: jumper is Summer Lily speak for small mound of snow piled up on the toboggan hill, as a sled jump], and I was right up in the air, and I was a little bit scared, so I went like this [*covers face with hands*] and because of that I couldn't hear all the big kids.. sayin'. stuff like "Wow, look at her go over that jumper!". The big kids couldn't make it over the jumper. But I did. [*cheesey proud smile*]

"Addie Blue... do you see Boobah? Do you think that's Boobah, Addie Blue? Addie Blue, is this Boobah? Do you think this is Boobhah? Addie Blue! Look! It's Boobah... that's Boobah, Addie Blue. Look Addie Blue, it's Boobah....." (it wasn't Boobah. It was a Peter Rabbit cookie tin. I have no idea why she thought she could trick Addie Blue into thinking it was Boobah. Addie Blue is a Boobah expert. She does, however, think that Santa Claus is Boobah.



Anonymous said...

ooooh! She looks the mirror image of you when it's against your avatar like that! LOVE HER BRAIDS! So precious!

pakosta said...

that photo does make her look like an old soul when you look into those eyes....what a funny beautiful girl!

e said...

GORGEOUS photo...
i have one of those old souls in my house too....know just what you mean....
LOVE the kiddo quotes...made me giggle...esp. the boobah santa ;)

gabbyfek said...

this is so fantastic.....
love the quotes. love the jumper.

Erica Hernandez said...

WHEN did she get so big?? OMG!