Thursday, January 12, 2006

busy and no computer

I am sometimes surprised at how busy life can be. I notice it especially more when I do not have a computer at my fingertips all day long, to distract me from the little things. It is an adjustment, but it is also refreshing. Having said that, I do hope my computer is fixed soon (which really means hopefully in a couple of weeks or so).

Summer Lily has had two great days at school this week. I am so freaking happy for her. I love seeing her happy. It is such a pure, joyous state; so sincere and sweet. Love seeing her bounce around so excited to tell me about how much fun gym class was today. About playing on the scooter boards. And hearing all about what The Girls at school have said, and all of the trouble The Boys can be. I am so enjoying having this sweet girl in my life... being able to joke with her, and draw and paint and take photos together, to talk about big things and little things, and about the things that scare her (today it was the thought of people with very big heads and very small bodies, and also, fire.) Love that she still jumps up and down when Franklin comes on. And still talks at least once a week about the first time she met Addison Blue, when she came to see us in the hospital after that terribly long night and day, and she seemed so *big* and so grown up, but still so small and round, and she held Addison Blue for the first time (before she was Addison Blue, but still our New Baby) and that new baby reached out and put her finger on Summer Lily's thumb. And to this day we still hear about that magical moment, "when she touched my thumb" and Summer Lily tells me it was because her little sister loved her and I suspect she is correct.

My little Bug is a busy one. She loves, loves, loves to colour. She sits at the table happily for an hour or so at a time with a box of crayons and pencils crayons, and carefully draws little circles and colours them in and tells me each one -- mama, dada, Elmo, Lily. And she snuggles up close to me when we read. And still a thousand kisses a day on my arm, it is a compulsion I am sure. She is putting words together, things like "deem, peas" which meant ice cream, please. And "turn, me" which meant she wanted a turn drawing (which meant my turn was over.). She adores her big sister. She is just so good.



pakosta said...

love hearing your little tidbits of information....love hearing about your girls. they are both so smart and inquistive!!!! can't wait to see some more pages! you are creating when your computers down right?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Ashley,
found your site through Sandra's blog (I also post on POTP).
I like reading about your beautiful girls...you have a wonderful writing style and this is great journalling for your girls!
thanks for sharing :) love to chat with you sometime :)

Sandra said...

Such lovely images Ashley. I remember James's early years in school like they were yesterday. Seems like we are going through it again but at a different stage. He's just started middle school and is just loving it. He is always full of stories when he gets home just like when he was little like Summer Lily. Except that the girls are icky any more. :wink: He even phoned me at home today to tell me that he had really focused in Math class and got a lot of work down.

It is amazing how much joy our children bring to our lives.