Friday, February 10, 2006

Addie Blue's favourites

She loves all things Elmos,
reading books for hours on end;
always has a marble or bead in each hand,
and runs to see big sister
first thing in the morning.
Will eat anything.
Always wants to help; stirring, mixing
setting the table,
putting things in the fridge,
getting things from the fridge,
feeding the cat and g.piggies,
drags a chair around the room to get at
what she wants.
Kisses me hundreds of times a day on the arm.
Dances, dances, dances.
And sings.
And rejoices.
Loves to call Gung and Grumps on the phone,
loves many kisses and hugs.



pakosta said...

peek a boo where is addie blue?! cute cute pic! love hearing all about her!

Julie said...

Trini loves all things Elmo too! ANd she is such a hugger. Just gotta love those little sisters! :)