Monday, February 06, 2006

her sister's boots

wake up at 7 am to the sound
as she runs
down the hall calling her name,
iyee iyee
day started in adoration,
and all through the morning
trailing in awe,
they play;
and she will laugh at her every
joke and repeat every
word and they will look
and laugh, run down
the hall, jump on the
blocks, books,
kisses, held
fingers and thumbs,
then off and away
her sister's
she's just like
Lily today.


pakosta said...

too cute!
love how they love each other! it's so apparent in your words and photos!

Sandra said...

Makes me wish I had a sister. Lovely.

Ally said...

Too damn good girl! I can't wait to see this on a layout!!! and WITH that JOURNALING! Wow!

staceykingman said...

Ashley, I so love your writing. You have such a special gift.

Unknown said...

totally tears to my eyes. beautiful.