Friday, February 10, 2006

nap time

I love nap time. I used to love nap time because I love sleeping, and my favourite sleeping is in the afternoon. When Summer Lily was a baby we would always nap together; she would nurse to sleep and I'd fall asleep and we'd both wake up and it was mostly how I got through the day after those long, long nights when she did not sleep and was inconsolable no matter how hard we tried and how much we loved her. Now Summer Lily is in junior kindergarten a few days a week and I am home with Addie Blue, who is still and afternoon napper and I love naps for an entirely different reason. Sometimes still I will fall asleep with her, which is always a very nice thing as she is cuddly and sweet, but sometimes I manage to wake myself after drifing off for a few minutes which always feels like a lifetime of non-restful sleep, and I will wake up nervous and panic-ridden, worrying that I had slept through picking up Summer Lily from school, and my tired eyes will feel like burning but once I am up and by the time the kettle has boiled I feel a little bit more normal. And then I have the whole house to myself for an hour or two while Bugga sleeps and it's not time to pick up Summer Lily yet. And it's very refreshing and wonderful. And I always say I will scrap but instead I will actually make lunch and coffee, and sit and do nothing at all in peaceful quiet. Today I am listening to Nick Drake because it's a good afternoon for Nick Drake. Addie Blue will be up soon.


Sandra said...

I love naps. James and I would nap together every day when he was little. Can't get him to nap with me now but I can still pin him down long enough to lie on the couch and chat with me for a few minutes.

Too soon our children grow up and sweet naps with them are just a memory.

Sandra said...
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Anonymous said...

oh gosh, i love Nick Drake.. he IS great to listen to on a quiet afternoon. :-)