Sunday, February 05, 2006

pure joy

Last night Addie Blue woke up a few hours after we had put her in bed, and we were still up working, and I went in to see what was wrong. I tucked her back in and lay down beside her, and was thinking about what a joy she is in our lives. And just about the time I started to think that she must be nearly asleep, she started to laugh. And the thing about Addie Blue's laugh is that it just fills you right up and you can't help but smile, and when she saw me smiling she just laughed more and more. Pretty soon I was laughing, and Paul thought that maybe I should let him stay with Addie Blue before I kept her up half the night laughing.



Anonymous said...

so sweet! What a great memory!

pakosta said...

ah you are making me cry! i am a sensitive soul and that just touched my heart.
love the page, so cheery! she sounds like my ava. a joy to be around!
hey, how are you coming along for HOF?
i am done! sent it!