Monday, March 06, 2006

flowers grew from the sadness in her heart

once upon a time
she told me,
mama, I know I'm different from other people;
there is sadness in my heart.
and this three-year old truth nearly broke my own heart
and I was left wondering
just how my sweet girl could
know such sadness
in her good heart
and in the days to come,
which saw her
mourn for mice,
and put a crushed moth
to rest,
under a leaf so it could
know peace
in its heart and
I saw that the sadness
was not sadness,
the compassionate ache of a
heart so full,
and then I knew
that the burden of
her compassionate heart
would carry her far,
and goodness and love
over all of her days.


Anonymous said...

WOW Ashley - your words just amaze me! What a gift you have... I find your words draw me in and envelope me! Profound!

pakosta said...

ashley, you have an amazing girl on your hands. i imagine your heart will break for her many times in the years to come.your words move me. i wish so much that i could write like you!

Sandra said...

I think this is one of my favourite pieces of your writing. I know that ache that you speak of. What an amazing child you have.

staceykingman said...

wow for you
wow for her.
I am so glad I re-found your blog.
I had lost it for a bit.

Unknown said...

WOW!!!!! I can't believe that you wrote this!! It's incredible!!!