Friday, March 31, 2006


2 school things today:

1. Today is early dismissal day. I need to remember to pick up SL at noon. I am sure I will remember at 12:02 that I should be at the school.

2. Addie Blue loves to play school. She will find any type of bucket, purse, old backpack, grab some of her favourite "guys", a book, and give me kisses saying "bye! school! Addie Blue school!" and then she runs down the hall. Comes back a minute later telling me she's home and school was good and she played all day long.



pakosta said...

too cute!
i always am forgetting things. i set the time every day so i remember to pick them up at the right time.....once i was 15 minutes late they had her waiting in the office.OOPS!
i really try and for the most part am never late. cause of the time though!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! She's growing up so fast!!