Tuesday, April 18, 2006

happy Easter, happy spring

We spent Easter weekend at Paul's parents' house.. going away is always such a hectic ordeal. All of the packing, planning, preparation.. driving.. then packing it all up and coming home again always feels like a lot to me. But coming home to our little house is always very nice. Of course, it takes at least a day to get back into a normal routine again, even if we were only gone for the weekend. It was nice to see the whole fam again, though.. on Sunday all of Paul's aunts and their families were over for dinner, and I think there were 16 of us in total. I gave a copy of Freestyle to my MIL and everyone enjoyed looking through it. My family-in-law is always so supportive and encouraging when it comes to scrapbooking, and I hope they know how much that means to me. :)

We decorated eggs on Saturday afternoon.. Summer Lily dyed them while Addie Blue was napping, and then later on they both decorated them with stickers and markers. My MIL had a huge tub of foam Dora stickers for the girls and they each spent the entire weekend with one on each hand, and they also added them to the eggs. Most of the eggs that Addie Blue had any part in ended up with cracked shells, but they were still pretty eggs. :)

They woke up at 6:30 in the morning on Easter and were just so sweet and excited to see that the Easter B. had come to visit and left a few tell-tale treats outside of our bedrooms... and Summer Lily thinks it is positively riske that he left little treats on the bathroom counter, too. :) They were very sweet and excited while hunting the house for eggs.. Addie Blue learned quickly that chocolate is her favourite and did not want any marshmallow treats or decorated eggs in her basket, and Summer Lily was a wonderful big sister and helped Addie Blue and shared all of the treats that were hidden up in higher spots.

The girls had a nice Easter and had lots of fun playing with their two cousins on Sunday. And next weekend we go to visit my parents and get to do the whole thing all over again.

Have been out in the yard most days this past week. I had forgotten how exhausting yard work can be. I always leave all of the plants at the end of the year to overwinter.. I think it's good for the plants, I like the way they look in the garden covered in snow, and it reminds me come spring where most things are. But cutting them all back and cleaning up is a lot of freaking work. But totally worthwhile :) And I am very lucky to have two cute little helpers to keep my company while I am working away :) Sometimes I am not exactly sure how much actual *help* they are, but they certainly do make things more enjoyable.



pakosta said...

those are some BEAUTIFUL rockin' photos my dear!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
i keep forgetting to ask you if you have ever read the book : HOW TO SHOOT YOUR KIDS< by arthur elgort? it's AWESOME! it has the kind of photography that you and i both do....candid everyday gorgeous shots. love that booK! go check it out. i think you will love it too!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos too! I think I might look up that book too Tara! Looks like the girls certainly enjoyed their Easter!

Erica Hernandez said...

WHAT kind of camera are you shooting with?!? I freaking LOVE these photos A!!