Friday, April 21, 2006

he was a good cat.

There's a sort of emptiness about,
and hollow.
I feel like I'm searching for something
lacking in the periphery.

He was a good cat.
And we are missing him dearly.
He was too young,
and for that,
I am sorry.
But he had a good life.
He smiled, truly,
he did smile.
And he was loyal like a dog,
followed us room to room,
checked on the girls sleeping,
and was a playmate and constant
Fantastic raspy sort of motor,
perched on my feet at night.
He had extra toes placed as
and he ate vegetables,
and kept the bathtub company.
Today these are the things we
have remembered,
and will keep in our hearts.
Thank you for being a
good cat.

We love you
Mr. Max.



Mikaela said...

Such a cute cat!

pakosta said...

beautiful cat!
you even write about a cat beautifulllY!