Saturday, April 01, 2006

spring and school and time

I remembered to pick SL up on time yesterday -- :whew!:

I can't believe it is April already. My mind is still stuck in January. I am still thinking "beginning of the new year". And here it is, 1/3 of the way through the year already. My goodness the time passes quickly. Suddenly the rest of the year seems so close, so iminent: Addie Blue's 2nd birthday coming up, and the start of Paul's field season for work, and the summer looks so short and then Summer Lily will be starting JK and Paul will be back in the lab and teaching again.

Today it is a beautiful spring day. Paul and the girls are playing outside in the yard, he his pushing them both on the swirls and the girls are laughing and screaming and having lots of fun. There are crocuses up in the garden, and the cute little dwarf irises. At night the whole yard sounds alive... leaves rustling and little creaks and snaps and you can just hear the earth coming to life. We're leaving in a bit to go visit my parents for the day... we see them once a week usually although due to being sick and my parents' work schedule we haven't seen them for several weeks now. I love seeing them regularly, it is so nice and the girls love seeing them. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more. :)

Have lots of work to do this weekend!! Quite a few projects to finish off that have been piling up because I had a couple of migraines this week... I don't get them very often any more (thankfully!) but I can't do much when I do have one. And then the medication I take *the stuff that actually works* makes my eyes and head all funny and fuzzy and weird so I can't even really do much detail work for the rest of the day once the migraine is gone. Anyway, hoping that big storm yesterday was the cause and I can get my work done now :)


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