Monday, April 03, 2006


Summer Lily came into our room at 6:30 a.m. already dressed like a princess for the day. Which means putting a long blue satin-y layered skirt (with netting ruffles around the bottom, underneath the top layer of skirt) and then wearing a red velvet dress overtop of that. And everything is overtop of her pajamas. It is an intriguing look, to say the least.

Addie Blue Bugga talked non-stop all day long. Three and four words at a time, stringing several phrases together to make sure I understood *exactly* what she wanted. And then tonight while we were all at the kitchen table together and the girls were having their bedtime snack and I was reading "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" (one of the books in the Narnia series) aloud to Summer Lily, Addie Blue kept stopping me to tell me about the story I had just finished reading... it was a big boat, and it was tall and it went up and down on the water. She always listens intently when I read novels to Summer Lily but I have wondered just how much of it she can absorb or understand. I think she did a pretty good job for a little girl who isn't even two years old yet. :)

I am so, so happy spring is here. Just love the way it feels. I don't really have any issues with winter -- no seasonal depression or anything -- but there is just something so liberating and freeing about knowing that the nice weather has really and truly arrived. Nothing so good as that earthy spring smell. Love, love sitting out on our porch at night with Paul, cup of tea, both of us in our rocking chairs which suit us so well (his is tall, plain, wooden, and mine is woven wicker, short and *very* round :) LOL) I only wish I could take my scrapping stuff out there so I didn't have to go inside to get to work :)

Today Addie Blue kept telling me "miss Gung, miss Gung" which means she misses my mom, whom the girls call "Gung". I think this is very sweet. We had a nice day with my parents and sister on the weekend.. Paul and I even escaped to the dreaded WalMart for a not very exciting, not very fun, but necessary shopping trip. How's that for a hot date??! ;) I love seeing how much the girls adore my family... we see them all the time so they are very close. I have such fond memories of spending time with my grandma when I was a little girl, I am glad that my girls have someone in the family (other than Paul and I!) that they can have nice times with.

OK... I'm going to pour tea and get back to work
:) A.


Anonymous said...

what a sweet post... hope you get all of your work done! i have my scraproom (or rather, my scrap *corner* lol!) set up in our family room so i don't have to be away from the family.. so nice. Your porch and rocking chairs sound sooooo cozy! :-) LOVE spring!

Ally said...

I just love reading about your life. It's like a novel only better! :) The girls are so dang cute in writing, I can only imagine how much cuter they are in real life!

pakosta said...

lovely life you lead my dear. just wanted to tell you i have the new dw freestyle. and man, your layouts are stunning!!!! i could go for a whole book called dw ashley....seriouslY!