Friday, May 12, 2006

being mama

Today Addie Blue and I attended a Mother's Day Lemonade party at Summer Lily's school. Cute little kindergarten kids sitting all in a row, singing songs to all of us mamas perched on those teeny tiny little kindergarten chairs. And then it was craft time, making tissue paper flowers to go in a plastic cup, and then Summer Lily proudly served Addie Blue and I the cupcakes she had decorated for us (one for her, too) and poured us cups of lemonade. She is just such a sweetie heart little girl, and she was so proud and happy to have this mama party at school. She has been talking about it for weeks now and last night when I tucked her in she looked like she couldn't quite wait for it to be morning because it was the mama party :)

She gave me one of those cute cards with the fill-in-the-blank questions... the funniest answers being that I am 2 ft tall, I like to lay in bed, and when I go shopping I like to buy red peppers. :)

And then Paul surprised us by showing up in the classroom just a few minutes before we were about to leave, and now he is out grocery shopping with the girls and I have some peace and quiet and music and a clean floor to lay projects out on, so I can finally get down to work. :)

Having such a sweet family makes being a mama a very wonderful thing. :)



Kari said...

Lovely, lovely sentiments. You sound like you have a wonderful family. Happy Mama's Day to you!!!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you had a wonderful time, i hope that you and your family have a wonderful mother's day. later . . .