Monday, May 29, 2006

end of May

Lots of irises, plus a few others.

Pretty little pinks! Love these sweet little flowers... have a hard time not having my garden full of them. :)

This smells amazing! and has a very pretty pink sparkle in the sunlight.

These are very tall! The flowers are at over 4 ft high!

The tree peony opened. :) It is not fragrant, but so pretty.

Another 4 ft tall iris -- love this white with the tiny touch of pale yellow.

I love siberian irises but have a hard time keeping them alive.. I think we have lots over 15 different plants! :( Now all we have left are these yellow ones... plus one new purple that just opened! :)

Pretty little pinks (dianthus)

A tiny little pale pink coreopsis.

More Robinson's painted daisies -- I just love the way they look just before opening.

Sweet william.

A pretty little brown/purple iris. Another one from my grandmother's garden.

Penstemon. This adds such a nice light, airy touch to the garden.

Finally flowering -- a pink clematis. I can't remember its name.

Probably one of my favourite iris.. and Summer Lily's too. It just *sparkles*. And Paul thinks I'm crazy, but I swear -- it smells like Fruit Loops.

Yay! This beautiful peony opened and I can't get enough of it. So pretty and so fragant. I cut one for the house and the whole kitchen smells like peony.

Purple siberian iris.

This iris is a sort of silvery/grey/white colour in person.. quite lovely.

More garden shots... I am trying to document my garden every week or two -- things change so quickly, and I want to be able to look back next winter when I am planning what to add for next year. :)



Kari said...


Sandra said...

WOWZER!!!!! Those irises are amazing. Love, love, love the pink one. Do you know what variety it is? I have to have it! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your flowers. They are so beautifully photographed. Yes and that pink Iris is a beauty to behold!

Anonymous said...

WOW Ashley - what beautiful photos!

Lilli in Vancouver said...

Love your garden! Thanks for sharing all the blooms with us :)

Your house looks a lot like mine!

Is it true that you live in Dundas? I used to take my grandmother on daytrips from Brantford through Ancaster, along the old Ancaster road and we'd end up at the Olive Garden in Dundas for a meal

If you're not in Dundas, ignore this last bit :)