Saturday, May 27, 2006

the lilies would grow tall under the endless sky

there is this place I have known
since my beginning days,
where the earth has good sort of feel,
dusty, rich, and soft,
and there is a peace
that breathes in, like the perfume
of lilies hanging in the night air,
and laying on the grass
beyond the edge
of barn roof
the endless sky
stretched on,
face up to the
i found home
breathing in,
it was there,
it was always there,
and I breathed it in
sweet and deep,
carried it with me for
all of my days
forgetting at times
but always remembering
with the air of
rising with the damp
this is where it started,
where it was in the beginning,
the hopeful little seed,
and when I turned to face it
and took it up in my
I saw that the lilies
had grown tall
under that endless sky.

aunt maggie's. 1984.

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