Monday, May 15, 2006

this ordinary life

with crayons and in patchworked knees
it seemed that things had colour
beyond their light reflecting,
like mornings quiet steel blue grey,
and words sometimes glow soft and pink,
or that history always feels earthy and brown
and old,
and when I saw that ordinary objects
of our days
led colourful lives of their own
and I knew that lines held personality
and everywhere I looked,
everything I saw,
there was always the possibility
of beauty,
things lovely and pristine
even in their ordinary shabby shells
and in my playdo heart, I washed those
moments in watercolours soft
or bold,
and I inked the edges in waxy black,
and when the story was over and
our life most ordinary
had been painted all along
and sparkled precious
and gold.



emilyruth said...

your poetry is so good...
the way you write makes it so easy
to picture
& know what you are saying
without coming right out
& saying it...
you have a gift
& you inspired me
to write a little too...

Chares Square Co-op said...

beautiful ash.

Anonymous said...

WOW! what beautiful expression you possess, such clarity and imagination!

kellicrowe said...

you are poetry

and we had a cat named max too
he was a dearie
he fetched
and was more of a dog than a cat....


Ally said...

So moving and beautiful. Wow.

Sarah said...