Tuesday, June 27, 2006

favourite things

Some of my favourite things this summer:

-FLTs: frozen lettuce and tomato sandwiches. :) I love washing lettuce and wrapping in a tea towel and putting into the freezer while I get the rest of lunch ready, ala Hayden. I love tomatoes. I love tomato sandwiches. :)

-Devendra Banhart. Cannot. stop. listening. So amazing.

- cute little mooshy, apple-y, round bums in bathing suits. :)

- Having Summer Lily home all summer! Today is the last day of school, looking forward to having endless days of summer before us.

- my garden. of course. :)
It is suddenly full of colour right now; pale yellow, light yellow, indigo blue, purple blue, violet, violet red, deep red, burgandy, about a kabillion shades of pink, white.. oh, it is so very nice. I just love going out to the middle and standing on the overgrown path and just standing there. Yesterday afternoon we let the cat out to play in the yard with us for a few hours and she sat with me in the garden, and I realized how much better it is to have a cat in the garden. Very good.

- iced coffee. Our drink of the season. Paul makes this fabulous blender full of milk, ice, instant coffee and some chocolate, and it is quite heavenly.

- 3 am. bedtimes (with 7 am wake-ups being number one on my "not favourite things" list) :)

- scrapbooking. Love being able to do what I do, what I love.

- Play-Do: keeps the kiddos quietly playing for HOURS. :)

:) A.


Erica Hernandez said...

I love reading your thoughts Ashley...I always feel *calm* afterwards. That's a good thing. I wish I lived next door to you and your garden and your sweet girls and your cat :)

Kari said...

Sounds like you're having a great summer, Ashley. Your garden sounds wonderful and I couldn't agree more with the play do statement. Hope you get my book in the mail soon:) Take care.

Sarah said...


Chares Square Co-op said...

favourite things rock.