Monday, June 26, 2006

they say and do

*Addie Blue says "I love you too"... always the "too".

*She asks a thousand questions a day now, and added to Summer Lily's thousand questions, that's a lot of questions to answer! Right now with Addie Blue it's always "what's that? who's that? what are you doing, mama?"

*Summer Lily is at a birthday party, we went after school to drop off the gift she chose for her friend, and to see her off with her friend. Since we have come home (less than an hour) Addie Blue has asked at least 6 or 7 times "where Summer Lily?"

*Addie Blue goes on the potty! She has been wearing unders ever since we started with the potty a couple of weeks ago, and is only in a diaper at night. She is doing awesome! and she is so stinking cute :)

*Every night before bed she asks to be sung "Row your boat" and the alphabet.. and her request goes like this: "pleeeeeese, mama dada! row row row boat gently down stream merry merry merry life but dream.. ABC! ABC! back rub pleeeeese!" :)

*Last night before bed Summer Lily told me "mama.. I know something. Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down inside my heart there is a TRUE VIEW, and I think it's just something I really need to pay attention to and put out there." I mean, where does she come up with this stuff? She sounds like a wise old Buddhist, and somehow that is just very fitting.

:) A.


Lilli in Vancouver said...

What lovely, special children. It sounds like Summer Lily is an old soul :)

Anonymous said...

Hye Ashley, Love reading your blog! The flowers you gave me a doing good! Thanks again! Glad to hear Addie Blue is doing well with the potty! Give both her and Summer Lily a hug for me! TTFN ~Janette
P.S. Tell the girls I have lots of frogs for them, they just need a pond! :)

pakosta said...

man. that summer lily is really a deep thinker like her mama. love that about her. would LOVE to see this girlie in person! and her mama toO! and of course little addie blue too!

Sarah said...

wow. I have heard it said that children do what they see their parents do. What a gift you've given them.