Thursday, July 13, 2006

one less kid

Summer Lily left a few hours ago with my MIL, to go up to the lake and tomorrow evening Paul, Addie Blue and I will join them. It is so quiet here with one less kid. She's a cute little thing -- and barely a backward glance as they left.

I have work to do, but looking forward to lake swimming. I went through the traumatic experience of bathing suit shopping last week so I could go swimming with the fam after SL's swimming class and I plan to make that traumatic bathing suit shopping experience worthwhile and do lots of floating in the lake. I love lake swimming. And lake floating. Provided the lake doesn't have a yucky bottom (ie, muddy with gross slimey critters and leeches) or a slimey dock, I like a nice lake.



Lilli in Vancouver said...

Once our grandparents took my brother and I with them to visit an uncle in Maine. They had a swimming hole which looked suspicious enough that we didn't want to go in.

Grandparents insisted, though. We had to experience a real swimming hole. Well, the bottom was slimey and full of dangly vegetation that clung to our ankles, and we emerged covered with leeches!


I'm sure your lake won't be like that, though. Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh....a trip to a lake, that sounds heavenly!!! Enjoy!

Julie H. said...

Hey girl! If you are up at the "Lake" give me a call! Or an email.

Joanna Bolick said...

The thing about swimsuit manufacturers is that they think we want to PAY MONEY to wear their swimsuits. I mean, it's not bad enough we have to try them on and be seen in public, but then they try to sell them as separate pieces for more money... sigh...I did a little swimsuit shopping this past week, too. BUT I'd have to say that a trip to the lake definitely sounds worth it!

Ally said...

Hmmm, the last time I spent at the lake was on a jet ski - first date with Dene! Now *that's* a MEMORY! hee hee - thanks for jogging it! ;)!

Have fun at the lake and it's important to make that swim suit worth its weight in gold for sure. Dang, I hate swim suit shopping. I never realize how old I'm getting until I see myself in a 360 wearing nothing but a bathing suit!