Wednesday, July 12, 2006

recent layouts

It is another rainy day here.. which is good, but hope it lets up a bit this afternoon so the kiddos can go outside. :)

Thought I would post some recent layouts here. :)

Addie Blue and her barefoot car rides. That girl would not keep her boots on.

Paul and Summer Lily decorating our tree. The embellishments across the bottom I saved from our Christmas crackers. Finally dug them out of the closet and actually used them :)

Bittersweet berries from my garden. My parents gave Paul and I bittersweet plants (named Hercules and Diane) for graduation gifts when we finished our undergrad. Love having them in the garden.

Addie Blue loved getting dressed in this vest and winter hat many mornings this winter. :)



Lilli in Vancouver said...

Look at the cute footsie!

And the other LOs. Look the look of raw creativity, with bits of fabric etc attached to your pages :)

pakosta said...

love your work~
course you knew that!
thanks for sharing!
i want to see them more closely though!!!!!

Roz said...

ahh, how wonderful to see some gorgeous new LO's on your blog!!

Thanks for the inspiration :o)

Anonymous said...

i adore your cozy pages, ashley... ;-) hope you are well! :-)

Joanna Bolick said...

I love that little foot! Such great layouts - I love the way you think!

Anonymous said...

i adore that pic of her bare foot
there was a time when i was obsessed with taking pictures of dominic's feet. they don't stay teeny weeny for very long!