Wednesday, July 26, 2006

some cute Summer Lily

* when swimming, she really likes to float in the HELP position. Somehow, this is just very.... fitting.

* she had her friend Julia over to play today. Julia arrived in her princess dress, with accessories, and the girls played dress up and then played with Play-Do at the kitchen table. They talked a lot about princesses. A lot. Summer Lily says... "what kind of princesses do you like.. I don't like the kind that are all snobby and mean to other people.. I only like the NICE kind of princesses... you know the ones.. the nice ones? The ones that are nice all the time, and share their things, and are just really nice and take good care of their people? That's the kind. What kind do you like?" (she really does go on like that... and on.. and on...)

* that's all I can remember.



scrapologie said...

Omigosh, she is just darling. You have to do a layout about that conversation!!

Anonymous said...