Thursday, August 03, 2006

2 princesses

Ok, I admit, I was never too keen on embracing the whole "princess" thing.. it just sort of happened, and it seems harmless enough, but seeing this photo:

makes me think I must know the two cutest little princesses ever. :)

These are photos from Summer Lily's princess party, just her and Addie Blue from before the guests arrived. Colour/contrast seems a bit off as they are scanned from prints. :)

Summer Lily looking beautiful in her Belle princess dress.

Addie Blue, she was so adorable in this blue Cinderella dress.

My cute girls, waiting for the party to get started. :)

More to come later. :)


Anonymous said...

i seriously cannot believe the beauty of your two little girls.. it's astounding!! i can only hope one day that i might have a little girl to dress up! :-) they are SO sweet ashley! :-)

Anonymous said...

adorable pics! Christine Traversa

pakosta said...

they are sooooooo pretty! awesome pics! even scanning filmwise they always rock!!!
love your photography!
and your stuff at CHA, in the AL booth, wowzers! even more gorgeous in person!

Kari said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Angela said...

Great party pics! Love the costumes!

Unknown said...

Beautiful girls, the photo of them barefoot, waiting for the party to begin looked especially cute. I wonder how dirty their feet were by the time it started? Seriously, I love your girls. If you find a way to mass-produce them, I'd take at least two :)