Friday, August 25, 2006

headed into rain

Fell asleep to the pouring of rain on the roof and woke up to the patter of rain on the windows and the slushy noise that cars make driving down a wet road. This afternoon we pack up the car, brimming to the roof and busting out the trunk with tents, tarps, ropes and raincoats, cookware, kids, sweaters shirts socks swimsuits and sleeping bags, books and butter and head into the rain for a weekend of camping. The girls are excited, they woke up all smiles and cries of "camping! today is for camping! tonight is for marshmallows!"

I think I'm all planned out. I think I am ready. Packed up most everything last night and am doing the last of it today. I have a fistful of lists and a headful of backup plans and in-case-of-emergency outlines running like ticker tape through all the possible combinations of wrongs that we may encounter. Paul prefers the approach of just through a bunch of stuff in the car and it will somehow all work out, but that just doesn't work for me. I'm looking forward to good camping food. And swimming and hiking if we get some good weather, and even more good food and sitting around the fire under our canopy of tarped trees if we get nothing but rain. Packed a card game for Paul and I, and new crayons and books and Play-Doh for the girls. Think we will have a scavenger hunt over the weekend, which sort of happens all the time wherever we go anyway since both girls are avid collectors of sticks, rocks, shells, fossils, bugs and the occasional found butterfly wing. Cleaned out my sock drawer yesterday and if I have time this afternoon would like to pack up a kit of a few things to make sock puppets if we are bored on a rainy afternoon.

Back to the lists.
Back to packing up.
Double check lists.
Ready for rain and woodsmoke.


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