Monday, August 28, 2006


home from camping
washed out the smell of woodsmoke,
tents, blankets, sleeping bags, sweaters hung to dry.
cat was happy to see us.
we were happy to see cat.
the weather was perfect, nice and cold and crisp and brisk with just a bit of rain last night and this morning.
girls think camping is fun.
I think camping is fun.
there is something... something..
about the experience of setting up house between three tall, thin maples
under a blue tarp, 10 by 15 ft,
two picnic tables
and a bouquet of wildflowers;
having all you need laid out in two neat lines at one end of the table
and living space at the other,
hung our raincoats in a tree
and lived out in the open for two short days.
braved the dark,
dark night
and realized scary thoughts are scarier,
in the dark;
everything tastes better when prepared,
and consumed
out of doors;
and it is a lot of work to pack
for two days'
of simple living.
quiet escape.



Jana said...

That sounds like the perfect camping experience.....hope you got lots of great pics!!

emilyruth said...

i love love love camping too...but it is crazy how much stuff we end up having to bring...