Monday, August 14, 2006

new additions to the garden

Last weekend went out for a drive on Saturday afternoon, the whole fam in the car with a pile of snacks in the front seat for me to pass out as needed, helping to keep the backseat occupied between rounds of Eye Spy and pointing out all of the cows, horses, sheep, goats and airplanes within sight. Good music on the stereo. Went to a little roadside stand that Paul sometimes stops at on his way home from work, and bought wonderful purple beans (1.50 a box), and three gigantic, super-sized zucchinis for a dollar total -- which a few days later were turned into breaded zucchini for dinner with garden fresh tomatoes and lemon. Took the girls to Paul's lab and showed them the greenhouse, and saw wild bunny rabbits when we went out for a walk along the arboretum at Guelph.

Stopped at a nursery to find they were having an end of season sale, so we stocked up on some new planties for the garden. We need more colour at this time of year (please! no more yellow!), so we brought home a white coneflower, a blue rose of sharon, a gorgeous deep purple butterfly bush, a blue cupid's dart, two pink/cream foxgloves, a crimson pulsatilla, a handful of new lilies (mostly pink, of course!), purple balloon flower, white campanula, and for earlier in the year a dark purple and white aqualegia, and a dark purple lilac with white picotee edge.

Blue rose of sharon, although it photographed a little on the purple side.

Butterfly bush... hopefully it will attract some butterflies. :)

Pretty border lily.

White coneflower.

Yesterday we went to my parents' house for the day, and when we arrived my mom had a pile of plants waiting to be put into the earth, so after lunch we got out the shovels and dug in. My great aunt sent my parents home with a pile of phlox, daylilies, summer lilies, obedience plant and verbascum last weekend, so we put them in first and the phlox added so much gorgeous colour to the yard. We split some of the plants and so today I have a few pieces of phlox and lily to add to the garden, plus some mahogany rudebeckia, and seeds for shasta daisy, red gallardia, malva, and red coneflower.

Just need to remember what was added this year, so I don't weed it out next year. :)



Ally said...

I soooo wish I had the patience for gardening! I have the brownest thumb EVER! Seriously! Love the photos and the recap!

Sandra said...

Oooooooh, I'm green with envy. My poor garden has been totally neglected this summer.

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics.