Wednesday, August 16, 2006

this summer

Summer seems to have gone by quickly, but I guess it really has been about a month and a half, which is not so endless as it seemed as a child. Another few weeks until Summer Lily is back in school, we ran into her teacher at the pool last night, and hoping she will have a good year with her new teacher next year.

We have been busy, the weather has been so nice this year and we have spent a lot of time outside and in the garden. Last weekend we went to Ontario Place and the girls had a great time... went on lots of rides, the little one was very brave and excited about everything and the big girl was brave in her own way. Which usually means fussing and fretting and worrying her way through everything and then later on proclaiming it to be the best time ever. It's nice she ends up thinking it was a good time. :) We've been to the beach a few times, been out for drives and garden centre trips, been to see our families on weekends. We put our two rocking chairs out in the garden and Paul and I have been sitting out on nights. Two night ago we saw a star flare up and then it just disappeared into nothing. The girls and I have been having picnic lunches out on a blanket during the week, and most evenings we've been having dinner outside at a table. It has been nice enjoying the sun and the grass while the weather has been pleasant. And it would just not be summertime without tomatoes reddening and yellowing and ripening in the yard, and little girls running barefoot out to the raspberry patch crying "berries!", and wonderful fresh, flavourful zucchinis and summer squash, tomatoes and sandy lettuce, fat basil leaves, and peaches, plums, blueberries, new potatoes, and crisp corn on the cob.

Next week is Paul's birthday and we need to find something to do. He's not sure what he wants to do.. maybe the beach again, or the Children's Museum. I think I am going to make him some candied ginger for part of his gift.. the other part is on its way and hopefully will arrive in time, or at least not too terribly late.

It has been nice getting out and doing these things, now that the girls are both old enough to participate and enjoy these activities, and having Addie Blue out of diapers makes everything so much easier. We'd still like to go to the Ontario Science Centre, the Toronto Zoo and the butterfly conservatory sometime this year.

The girls have a box of toys out on the floor -- primarily noisy toys and I'm trying not to let the racket crush my brain. Oh, now something quieter. They are playing house with their babies, Summer Lily is the mama and Addie Blue is the big sister.

We have been listening to the new Ani Difranco album, Reprieve, and it is good. I do love listening to Ani, she is quite wonderful, and her music will forever remind me of meeting Paul.

Time to get that picnic lunch ready.



Rene said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a few weeks now. Thanks!

Just want you to know that the photo you posted - the tomatoes - made my day today. Absolute beauty. Absolute simplicity. The perfection of nature. Mmmmm...

I love Ani and am looking forward to hearing the new album. And, I'm curious to hear the story of you meeting Paul. Care to share?

Thanks again for your blog. I'm going through a difficult time right now and it makes me smile and gives me hope.


Kari said...

I can almost taste that tomato. Yum! So glad to hear you've been having a great summer. Can you post your recipe for candied ginger? YUMMY!! I'll have to pick up the new Ani album. Love her! Hope to hear from you:)

Anonymous said...

Ashley - your summertime sounds like something out of a movie! I want to come along. :)

Mary L.